Fourth of July celebrations!

We had a great weekend celebrating with family. Good to be home!

Not much to talk about, but I did get a million pictures.

We started the afternoon swimming at Lawson and Phoebe's house. The kids went ahead without us, and this was the fun when we arrived on the scene. :)

How fun is that? I love friend/family belly shots! 

One water wing. No idea what she was doing. Kids are just weird.

And what is more fun than an uncle and a large body of water?

Not much. 


It's another Uncle. 

And he's launching you into the air.

Liam loves to have his picture taken. We are a match made in heaven. I love to accommodate him! 

Lawson came out with his new fangled solar powered hat fan.

(Don't ask)

After we left their house, we headed over to Kim and Jason's for another party! (And yummy food!)

This is only part of the spread. There was so much to choose from, steak included.

Plus Kim was channeling me and put the salad in buckets! Isn't that adorable !

And of course it isn't a party at her house without cake. I even had some of this. It had cool whip instead of frosting. Yummy!

After I photographed the food I tried to get the people at the party.
Jason is pretty cooperative.

Then there were his parents. Slightly less so, but still smiling:
Hi Barb and Scott!

Then there is the rest of the crew.

Terry loves me. As is evidenced by his sign language. I'm not fluent, but I think this is the sign for "I love you". ;)

Shawn, giving me the look he always gives me when he wants me to take a picture of him.
Doesn't that scream "Take my picture please! And put it on your blog!" ?
Brent shares Shawn's opinion. He was not a fan of our loud family. :(

He was a fan of Terry's keys though.

Kim has no grass. So she picked some up at Home Depot.  The kids didn't seem to mind, even though mine should know better now.

After dark we lit things on fire. Or maybe not. I can't say for sure. :)

Hope your celebrations were as fun as ours!


wholarmor said...

Looks like a fun time!

Chris Durnan said...

wooohooo.. Looks like you had tons of fun!!