Girls Trip to Vegas!

Kim and Katie and I all headed to Vegas on March 12th for spring break/girls trip. We had actually planned that for last year, but things were interrupted by all of Della's health issues. This year was a much better year, and we had a great time.

We stayed at the MGM Signature, Katie's brother-in-law CJ and his wife Jenn own a condo and they let us stay there for no cost. It was a really nice perk!

We got in pretty early in the day on Tuesday and spent time walking around seeing the sights. We ended up at the Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage.

First stop was to see all the males swimming around in their pool. This guy was determined to break down the gate with his teeth.

The babies were my favorite. This sweetheart kept laying up on this ledge and chattering at all of us humans. Then the others would come over and push on her tail until she fell in. Over and over again. 
 So sweet and innocent.
 Mean friend pushing her in. (She doesn't look like she minds terribly though. ;) )

And...into the water! 
We went to the secret garden section where the big cats are housed, but they were all passed out in a dark corner, or pacing so fast I couldn't get a good shot. There was one white tiger that was a total jerk though, he had torn up all of the sod in his enclosure, just ripped it up out of the ground and piled it up all around. Then he waltzed over to the people that were watching him, turned his back to us, peed, and then went back to the corner and started ripping up more sod. Katie said he is probably the uncle of our cat Loco, who as it happens, is also something of a jerk. 
I took this picture for Kira though: 
 she loves jaguars and so I thought this one made of moss would make her happy. And it did. She loved it.
  After this we got back to the pool where the males are housed and just in time to see them do fun jumps for fish. They say they are not trained and that they can choose to show off or not, and sometimes they just come to get a snack. I don't know if that's really how it works or not. But none the less it was fun to watch.
 And we were right behind a trainer, by pure luck and so I got some great close ups!

Here is a video of the babies playing around a little! 
And one of the big guys doing some fun jumps! 

So that's about it for the dolphin show. More pics about other things to come.