February 2012

 We started off February by *finally* finding a great Dr. to help Evan with his vision. He spent most of the year in vision therapy with Dr. Thomas, but his prescription improved twice. So did his coordination and reflexes. He will need further treatment, but he made a lot of progress. He went every Saturday to work with a therapist and did nightly homework. It was a commitment, and some days were a struggle. But over all, he did a great job, he worked hard, and he was rewarded with improvement.

We also took a big trip to the zoo. It was my kids, Katie's three, Kim's daughter, Lorraine and her girls and Torrey and some fraction of his 8 girls (at the time of the posting, their were only 7).
It was fun, and mostly uneventful, though we did manage to lose Heather, one of Torrey's girls, when none of the adults realized there was a second gate in the grassy play area. It was not, however, unnoticed by the three year old. Fortunately she was found safe and sound and we resumed our fun, with a closer eye on all the little people. 
Olivia garnered the majority of the attention, because no one with a heart can resist a fat baby, with sunglasses and a bucket hat. No one. 

 Watching the otters is second only to watching children watch otters in my list of favorite things to do at the zoo.

Shawn also attended his 20 year high school reunion. UHS class of 1991 was a little late in their celebration, but it was a pretty great time. Jeff , and his wife Jenn, made the trip out and when Jenn is around, my life is never boring. We make our own fun. So we amused ourselves while everyone played catch up. UHS is a college prep school, and lets just say that there were a lot of random letters behind just about every person there. And by letters I mean things from MBA to PhD, to MD. Amazing people, super smart, making incredible contributions to the world. It was, admittedly, pretty impressive to have the opportunity to meet so many great people. 
Also, I have no idea about all the crazy red eye in this picture, but since you can't see people very well anyway, and I don't know most of their names I'm just going to be lazy and let it be.