Housekeeping from the year I didn't blog.

I'm really bummed about being such a slacker all year. I have some excuses when school was in session. (Who takes two science classes with labs, plus other classes in the same semester? Better question: Who the hell does that two semesters in a row? Answer: people from crazy town.)

But that does not excuse the months of June, July and August. Particularly July and August when my kids were in school and I was a stay at home...couch potato?

Anyway. Here is the plan. One month at a time. A few highlights and favorite pics. Some months will have nothing or lame iphone pics. I will do what I can to fill in the blanks, because I really want to have it documented somewhere. Plus I have not really done any scrapbooking (my hobby) in several years. I don't really know why. Maybe it has something to do with my desk being a disaster from my homework/study/snacking stuff.

So. A year in review. One picture at a time because I just wasted an hour of my life trying to figure out how to use a template for a collage in photoshop and it was an epic fail. I give up. Nothing fancy here.

January 2012

 We rang in New Years, Tucson style, in swim suits. (At least it was a hot tub. The pool isn't heated.)

My grandmother (maternal) passed away as well. We went to Spokane, Wa for her memorial service. Shawn and the kids didn't come, but Katie and Kim brought their baby girls along. Here we are just waiting around in the airport. 

 Evan turned 8. This is probably the worst photo in the history of my blog. But it's kind of the reality of the day. This is how it goes when you take kids to a bowling alley, feed them greasy pizza, soda, and cake.
 Speaking of cake. Really? Are these not the cutest cupcakes? Aunt Kim made them for Evan. *Everyone* loved them.

 It snowed by our house. Desert dwellers are not picky about snow. We take what we can get and make due. :)