March 2012

One more before I call it a night. More to come later. :)

Evan played another season of soccer. His team was pretty lousy and the organization was terrible, but from a kid point of view, it was a good time and he enjoyed the season. 

Kira went to school with me for the day. I wish I could find the other pictures, she attended my physiology lab and had a blast. We went to all my classes, out to lunch and hung out in the book store. She loved it, and it was a really great way to spend time together. I am really happy that my TA for the lab let her join us. 

 Some days catching the mundane is just as important as anything. Most of the time, finding Pokemon cards, army guys and hotwheels in the couch cushions would annoy me. I wouldn't be a good mom if they didn't. But this day it just made me smile, pause, and think about how lucky I am to have my little guy, and how fast time goes by and how that before I know it, he won't even live here. And I will miss this. So very much. 

  Our family went through some tough stuff too. Della was born with a heart defect and in March she underwent surgery to correct it. Here is more information on my sister's blog if you want to read more. (We heart Della)

She is doing really well. There are still some issues that she is dealing with, and you can read the update on Katie's blog, I won't rehash it here. 

And a little something stenciled on the wall at school one day. I just liked it.