This was one of my favorite parts of the trip. We also went to The Tournament of Kings, we were seated in "France" and had a great time eating our food with our fingers and cheering for our King. :) Dinner was really good too, IMO, I'm not a foodie or anything. But the cornish hens, tomato soup and baby red potatoes and broccoli were right up my alley. No camera's allowed here. We also saw Criss Angel's show, and he is a spectacular magician,but you can't take pics there either. :) At the end he let us take out camera's so this is all I have. It was a lot of fun to watch though.

So zip lining. Down Freemont Street. Sooooo incredibly cool, and for $20 totally worth it! Kim is not a fan of heights so she passed. Katie and I bought the "reserved" VIP pass (Hint: it doesn't cost more and will save you an hour or more of waiting in line, but they don't advertise it).
I didn't have my good camera with me, but someone in line with us took this fun picture of us. That big lit up arch in the background is the light ceiling over Freemont Street.

Then there were all the random and fun things to see on the "old strip".

 There are some extremely odd people on the strip. This cupid guy caught my eye first. But he just did not compare to the woman I saw next.
 I think they are larger than her head. She also was not happy that I took a pic with my zoom, they work for tips. I didn't tip. She sure gave me a nasty look though huh?

 Here's a video of some of the light show. Very cool stuff. If you ever get a chance to go see it, do. It's worth the weirdness.


Marlene said...

I was thinking how amazing it was that you got good shots with no boobs or hookers then got to your special pic! LOL She did look unhappy with you....but the guy behind her is pretty special too!