Our Hallie dog.

This is Hallie. This is what she does when you make her go outside.

She sits by the back door and looks very sad until someone lets her in, intentionally or on accident when they aren't paying attention.

She is a house dog. And she has tried all these 10 years she has lived with us to train us better, but we are slow learners.

Poor Hallie.


Marlene said...

Poor Hallie! You are SO MEAN! She is a HOUSE DOG! What part of HOUSE DOG do you not get! Sheesh! That house is big enough that she should have her own bathroom so she doesn't have to go outside - E.V.E.R.!
How rude of you!

Heidi said...

I know. We are mean. And she looks so dejected. She sort of perked up here because I came near the door even if it was to just take a picture and then walk away. She is nothing if not hopeful. ;)

Jennifer said...

She's adorable, I've never seen a picture of her! Shawn has mentioned her in the past, though. What a cutie!