Kim was here!

And we had a fantastic weekend! We got her off to the airport this afternoon and then I *HAD* to have a nap before I could blog. I was pretty dysfunctional. It was determined that yesterday the only time I sat down before 9:33pm (I looked at the clock I swear on a stack of Bibles!) was when I was driving somewhere, and for a few minutes to down a burger at the mall.
After I picked Kim up at the airport on Thursday night, she stayed in the van and I went in and asked the kids to grab some bags out of the van for me. Kim had the camera, but she couldn't snap a picture before they attacked! They were SOOOOO happy. Evan hugged her and then said "Where is Uncle Jason?" and then wanted to know where the bags were he was supposed to grab. Totally missed the point. :)

After that the kids gave Aunt Kimi a tour of the house and then got tucked in so they would be well rested for a big day out.


Marlene said...

whoo hoo - soooo exciting! More pics and stories to follow - after you have recovered from the weekend, right?