Fun at the park

Yesterday in addition to our photoshoot, we took full advantage of the beautiful November weather here in Chicago and played in the park. The kids started out by collecting pinecones. When I asked them what we were going to do with a big bag of pinecones they declared "You can make something with them mommy! Yeah! Like a wreath or something like that! You will think of it!"

So now I have a huge bag of pinecones. Suggestions? I could use some. :)

They also climbed the tree...well Kira climbed and Evan sat very bravely on the lowest branch about 3 ft off the ground.

Here are is a shot from the gorgeous park we found:

I'm pretty sure this about the only tree left with leaves. So pretty!

On our way back to the van Kira insisted that I take some "Hannah Montana" pictures. She wanted to do poses like she saw in her magazine. She insisted on doing it here with the sun shining in her eyes, but she thinks she looks fab! :) That's all that matters!

Whew! This is getting long!
We drove down about 2 blocks and found the second portion of the park with a playground and hung out there for another hour. (Can you believe I had to fight these kids at bedtime? How on earth were they not tired! Plus when we got home they played outside for TWO more hours with the neighborhood kids. Geesh!)
The little boy that was at the park was so happy! As soon as the kids got there he shouted "MY NAME IS L! Want to play with me!?" He was adorable, and his mom was really nice.


Marlene said...

Oops! The last one looks like Kira is about to biff it! Hope she was going UP and not down! LOL I love the comments about the pinecones! Yes, I have lots of ideas! Either get a tree shaped piece of foam and glue them from the base up to make a pinecone tree or just glue them together in that shape and then glue on glitter on the outside edges of the pinecones - something the kids can do - OUTSIDE so you don't have to clean up glitter! And I saw another thing and wished I had pinecones. It is a garland! You take ribbon and tie a pine cone to it then put a few red and green beads then tie on another pinecone and more beads to make it as long as you want it. Wish I had saved the blog! But it turned out really cute! I think she even used a few pieces of pine boughs hotglued by the pinecones or else it was on the ends where you tie it to nails on the mantel or where ever. Really pretty. Plus just put some in a basket by the fireplace with ribbons on the basket!
PS I'm really really proud of Evan climbing that tree! Pretty soon he'll be climbing rocks! Grammy loves you Ev!
And Kira, I love the 'Hannah' shots! You are so cute! I love you too sweetheart!

Francine said...

Gorgeous kids :-)

Stacy said...

I love the pictures of your beautiful kids!

Have fun with whatever project you do with the pinecones!


wholarmor said...

Cute kids! That's a beautiful park that you found!