A boy after his grandfathers heart.

Evan and my dad just have this "thing". They GET each other. It's quite something to witness. They have a lot of things in common and one of the big ones is a love of trains.

Evan has always loved trains. Since he was about a year old he hasn't let anything get in his way of his love for trains.

This year he decided it is time to get some "Big boy" trains, he is ready to part with the plastic "Baby" Thomas trains and move on. So he found some trains, called his Pop on the phone, figured out what would be best and has been obsessing ever since. Santa better be prepared.

Lorraine's husband Jim gave Evan some old catalogs he found at the used book store a couple of years ago. Evan has been pouring over them making up a wishlist worth thousands of dollars in model trains and equipment. The book is 10 years old, but that hasn't mattered to Evan.

In addition we went to Hobby Lobby yesterday. Evan found a mountain and when he asked me what it was for, I showed him a picture on a box of a full model train set up.

The Heavens opened up. He had no idea that model trains could be so wonderful.

His greatest thrill? The trees.

He could not believe you could just "Change out the trees, you can have trees for summer and then take them out and put in trees for fall!!!" Thrilled. In a way that you just don't see every day.

Watch out Pop. He's found his zen.


Katie said...

It might be time to decide. Trains or college. It could come down to that you know :) Either that or you'd better stay in Chicago where the kid can get himself a lawnmower and go make some money! LOL

Heidi said...

I'm telling you! He is so into it. And if grandpa and dad are any indication, there will be no end.

We are in trouble! I am hoping he will sell a large majority of his Thomas stuff. I want to keep a few things for him to have as an adult, but only like an oval track and some of the trains. But being Evan, I'm pretty sure he will sell it, especially when he realizes he can buy more "big boy" trains with the cash.

Marlene said...

Oh dear - Pop went to the hobby store on Sat and bought two connectors so if Evan gets the fast-track stuff for big boy trains, the biggest boy will be able to connect his old track to Evan's new track and wow won't that be fun!?! sigh.....guess my patio furniture is going to have to be moved outside and off my AZ room!

Heidi said...

Oh my goodness mom. I'm sorry. I had no idea what I would be getting you into when I gave birth to that little boy. :)

Katie said...

I think your arizona room would be perfect as a train room. Sorry mom!