I went to the OPRAH SHOW!!!

It was so much fun! A little different than what I thought it would be like. She didn't really engage the audience until after the taping, so it would be commercial break and it was just quiet while people came out and hairsprayed and makeuped and bugged Oprah and Rita Wilson (Tom Hanks wife). (I understand that those are not real adverbs, but it's my blog and I will make up words if I feel like it)

I'm not really sure what I can even say about the show because we had to sign a thing about not blogging about it. So. Weird.

After the show she was really funny and we got to watch an interview that Anderson Cooper did with Oprah (He interviewed her) and it was really entertaining. Audio was off, things weren't working, he was a crack up and she was too. He was making funny faces and using "sign language" but we could hear him, he just couldn't hear us. So it was just a riot. (And he is just so nice to look at!)

Then we got presents! YAY!

New Jammies, and makeup. I also bought a new mug from the Oprah store as my souvenir!

Shala called me on Monday and asked if I wanted to go Wednesday. Shawn worked from home so I could go, and I left at 8am on Wednesday. We met at Woodfield Mall in Shaumburg and she drove from there. We were able to park right across the street and got there about 10:15am. We stood in line for awhile then we went in, they checked coats and took ID's. Then they went through our purses. Entirely. They took anything electronic and paper and pens. Then you got to go sit for 2 hours in a "holding" area with a bunch of other people. Kind of boring and pretty loud. Then we went into the studio and it was super organized.

Rita Wilson is just cute as can be, such a fun laid back woman, you just felt like she wasn't a Hollywood diva type.

Here is me outside the studio, you couldn't have a camera or a phone or anything in the studio.

It's blurry, but whatev!

Then we went to the Oprah Store, where Shala had too much fun! :) Then back to Shaumburg. We decided to call our husbands at that point, and tell them we were getting dinner and shopping at the mall until we didn't have to fight with traffic.

We had A&W. And let me tell you, if you haven't had rootbeer on tap in a frosted mug in a long time? You should go. Treat yourself. It was WONDERFUL!

I had a great time, and was so glad that Shala called me and invited me!


Katie said...

So when does the show air?

Helena said...

Cool! it's fun to hear what it's like behind the scenes. That's wild that they even took pens and paper.

slicksister said...

Going to the Oprah show is on my bucket list. Lucky you!

1 Alice said...

Sounds about right! My experience pretty much the same. I went last year for the second time. But unfortunately the subject/story line was a total downer - the little girl that was found hidden and destitute in her own family's house. I had invited my in-laws to go with me. I will NEVER again have anyone come with me if I get tix again. Or ask that I only get into upbeat shows or else not take the tix.

Mary said...

Jealous! I've always wanted to do Oprah. Not "do" her.

You know what I mean.

wholarmor said...

Sounds like a wonderful time!

Heidi said...

Mary, how on earth can you make me crack up in the space of a sentence?

Gennifer said...

How fun! I met Rita and Tom once (I can call them that, because we're practically best friends!) and she was super nice and friendly.

Sha D said...

This is a great posting about our time together at the Oprah show! I used my dry shampoo this morning-loooove it! I created a blog myself and will be taken direct inspiration from yours. Mine is called
The 7th Note. the7thnote.blogspot.com.
Any comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I love your voice, you're just so you!

Marlene said...

I want a root beer! In a cold frosty mug! And I WANT TO SEE OPRAH! I'm so glad you are loosening up doing things more spur of the moment rather than planned to death! LOL, do love you, ya know!

nana mac said...

Your mom told me the day you were there...we so excited for you! I'd LOVE to go see Oprah!! You lucky, LUCKY girl! what fun...I'm glad to hear that you had such a great time and yeah... what's THAT all about? Not being able to BLOG stuff about it....Hmmmm.....glad you shared what you could!! Love you! Aunt Denise