Friday we skipped school!

Ok, just Kira and she only missed a half day. :)

Kim and Kira got our day started off with pancakes for breakfast! Yum!

Then we headed down to Navy Pier by train and bus. Evan and Kira had a great time, and we only got lost once. We just went out the wrong side of Union Station and so our bus wasn't running on that street. We had some lunch and then went for a walk until we found the right stop.

Waiting for the train. Sorry, that pic is lame.

Some fun around Navy Pier:

Kira found this at Build-a-Bear. She is an all out Cubs fan now. Thanks to Uncle Terry. ;) I told her I wasn't buying that for her Jaguar from there and to put it back. She pouted.

Boy, we were sure a motley crew that day! Ugh. ;)

Navy Pier itself and Downtown:


Marlene said...

Luckily I looked below the blogger sucks post! More pics! YEA! you guys looked like you had a fun time downtown....thanks for pics of you and the kids too, Heidi. now on to the birthday party......