I have to share something!

I have been crafty all week, but because some of my craftiness has gone towards making things for people who read my blog I can't share! Ack!

So here is a sneak peak at what I have in store for Miss Kira's 8th birthday! We are so excited! The theme this year is a Winter Wonderland Ballet.

In case you are wondering, those are suckers. I wrapped them in tissue and tied curling ribbon around them to make them pretty! The dish they are in was $2 at a thrift store. I am having a blast creating a bunch of pretty things for a tablescape for the party!

We have snowflakes, and glitter, and ribbons, and little white lights and tulle! And all sorts of girly pretty things in the works!


Marlene said...

oh wow! What a fun party THAT will be. I'm sure you will blog lots and lots of pictures! I can't wait! And be sure to get pictures of Kira's face when she gets her one big present! ;)

Jennifer said...

That's beautiful!!

Katie said...

How fun! I'm so sad Miss Kira that I'm missing this birthday. The first one I'm missing and I hope the last!

BJ said...

Heidi - those are so darn cute!