Did a photo shoot with the kids today!

We had a fantastic day and they were super cooperative! We hit Wendy's had some lunch and found this great park in Vernon Hills. Here are just a few of my faves! I might use some for photo cards for Christmas, let me know what your favorites happen to be. Also if you are a "pro" and have any CC to offer please do! I'm trying to get better! (I also know that on my screen my blog pics look weird...kind of out of focus, if they look that way too you, they aren't. I is really strange.

These are straight out of my camera, haven't done any editing yet, that always gets to wait until bedtime when I can give it my full attention. ;)


Marlene said...

They are growing up too fast and I am missing it! YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE IN TUCSON! dang it.... but these are darling shots. I love the one of Evan laughing! They look so cute. Kira is growing up so fast..... looking more and more like a young lady and less and less like a little girl...... sigh

Helena said...

They are so cute! Your daughter's hair is amazing.