Teacher Appreciation/Year End gift ideas!

We love our teachers, and each year my kids have had fabulous teachers!
To show our appreciation we try to do a little something to show our gratitude!
This year we did this fun idea:

 A fluffy new beach towel and a very fun magazine! (Who doesn't love this magazine!?)

And these cups! I loved this idea and the tag is a free printable you can find here, at Lisa Storms blog! I loved her cups, but here in the desert, we need the double walled kind so they don't sweat. These were a great find for only $5 at Walmart! And the lemonade mix we just picked up at Target. :)

Last year was a similar idea here.

I've seen tons of great, inexpensive but creative ideas all over the internet and thought I would share some with you in case you need some ideas!

I love this idea from Sara over at Our Best Bites, the picture is for Mother's Day but if you scroll down to the very end under the instructions is a link for a free printable label just for teachers! Yay for free stuff!

And check out this fantastic link from Tip Junkie! If you don't follow her blog you are missing out on so many great ideas! This is the same place I found the fun Christmas gifts we did for our teachers this year, and a million more great ideas!

How are you celebrating your teachers this year?

Give me a link, I love to hold on to great ideas for the future teachers in our lives!



Jennifer said...

These are FANTASTIC!!! I love your idea of that magazine and towel -- I definitely love that magazine!! =) You're always so thoughtful! Thanks for sharing. =)

Chris Durnan said...

Yeah. great ideas. So cute!

Marlene said...

neat ideas! Wish we had done some fun things for YOUR teachers as you were growing up...slacker mom, that's me. Except that wasn't really the thing to do back then. BTW what is TFL?

Laurie (Wally) said...

Oh these are great thanks for sharing.. I was wondering if you would share the flag PDF on Lisa's Blog I am just getting a blank screen and I would so love to make these for my Son's teachers...