Locks of Love.

Kira got her first haircut today, she is 9 1/2. :) She donated 12 inches to Locks of Love. Supercuts has a great thing where you can donate your hair, they take care of the details, and the cut is free.

She is really excited about her new style, and made all the choices about her donation length, the new bangs, and when to do it. We are very proud of her. (Though I must admit, it was a little shocking for me!)

Here is the before:

 She was pretty nervous!

 Cutting off the pony tail! Yikes!

Getting bangs for the very first time! 

And the After: 

She *loves*  it! And we took her over to Target to pick out some new clips and bands so she can practice fixing it herself now! The only downside? She was bummed she didn't do it sooner. :) 


Katie said...

I love it Kira! You look so pretty with bangs! That was a great choice!

Marlene said...

You look so pretty with your haircut and bangs! And I am proud of you for doing it and for your reasons for doing it. Some lucky person will get to have pretty hair again thanks to you!

Helena said...

Wow, it's still long! That's so cool that she was able to do that.

Jennifer said...

Wow, it's fantastic (and still SO long)!! I didn't know it was her FIRST haircut!! She looks as pretty as ever, and I can't wait to see your pics of her with her new clips and hair ties! =)