I'm back!

So I'm wrapping up the semester, and getting ready to relax a bit for the summer! I just completed a photography class, and wanted to post some of the pics from my portfolio, and since I'm itching to get back in the blog groove, but I really need to study for that last final, ( :) ) I thought I would throw some pics up to share, and then I can really get back in the swing of things later this week. So for now:

This was fun, this is an HDR image, I am just starting to figure out photoshop, so this is about as creative as I get for now. ;) 

These are some actions from Pioneer woman, and the photos' are from a shoot I did at a workshop run by Stephanie Newbold from Stephanie Newbold Photography. This girls were super sweet and cooperative! It was a really great class. 

This little guy was just playing in the park, I think he is adorable.

Thanks for looking! I'm glad to be back. My sad neglected blog will be getting lots of love this summer! 


Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Oh those are beautiful! I need to take a class too!

Helena said...

Very cool! (I've been playing with Lightroom lately... I almost love it but still have trouble with getting the right color sometimes.)

Welcome back to blog land! :D

Katie said...

I love how the VW shot turned out!

wholarmor said...

Very nice! I called out,"Bug! Blue one!" when I saw your VW Bug picture, lol.