School's Out for SUMMER!!!

And we kicked it off right!

We had a great time swimming and picnicking with our friends today!

 I took a ton of pics of swimming from my shady spot next to the pool, but I was starving by the time we ate and so I was *eating* during lunch. ;) But that's ok, we have all summer, I can bore you with pictures of children eating another day.

The kids had a ton of fun trying different dives. I'm not sure how they weren't in pain, because the belly flops were numerous! But they just kept at it. They were most impressed by Kevin's mad skills (he's the dad of three of the kids, and they thought he was just too cool! [he kind of is :oP] )

Then Evan, who has never dived in his life was pulling this stuff out of nowhere...nary a belly flop, even if his form is a little off. I have no idea how he figured this out so well. 

Pretty crazy stuff~but that's just Evan for you.

So that's our big kick off for the summer! We had a great time and have a ton more planned after we moms got to sit around, drink tea and hang out! Can't wait for the rest of summer vacation!