I have so many things to talk about...

but then I feel completely overwhelmed at the thought of the past four months in pictures. (You have no idea how many HUNDREDS of photo's I take in a month.)

So I'm going to start with yesterday and then I'm going to try to do kind of a summary post for each of the previous months back to January. :) That feels a little less crazy. And then I can get back to normal.

This weekend was a fun one, lots of family time which I have dearly missed over the semester. (Which ended up really well! I wound up getting a B in Econ, which I thought I would fail, and aced everything else, so Whew!)
Anyway, on Saturday we had everyone out for dinner at our house, and the kids played outside on bikes, trikes and with chalk and bubbles. It was really fun. Lots of neighbors stopped by to join the fun, and the weather wasn't too hot, so we enjoyed it.

After we put the kids down all over the upstairs, the sisters all went for a walk, and then we watched a movie. The guys all played board games. The grandparents always are in a race to see who can leave the fastest after dinner time, and all the mom's are jealous. ;)

Sunday we went and visited with GGP (Shawn's maternal grandma) and then we went to Sunday dinner. Which I have blogged about before, as one of my favorite times of the week. So relaxing, and just nice.

GGB is heading out to summer in Michigan this week, so this was the last dinner with her until October. She bought Avery this pretty dress, but Avery pooped all over part of the outfit and then didn't want GG to hold her, so the pics aren't so hot, but we tried.

My kids got in the pool, and they adore being in the water, so that was fun, I sat around and got some pics, so that was fun for me. Although Evan does.not.stop.moving. in the pool, so he is impossible to capture. He had a handful of hotwheels that he was diving for so he barely came up for air.
The water was on 77*F so Kira was having a hard time getting in.
 Evan was not having this same problem, he just jumped right in.

This was what I was working with.

Today is my day off. And I'm telling you, I am serious. I'm not even dressed and it's almost noon. I haven't had a day to myself where I was not required to be somewhere or doing something in weeks. In fact the last time that happened I had a stomach bug, so that's not counting. ;)

So there is a most random blog post, that is rambling and awkward and not likely grammatically correct. Even after an entire semester of honors English with Figler trying to pound into my brain how to write properly. Poor guy. If he only knew what he was dealing with going in. :)

TFL, and come back soon, I'll have some recaps, and they include Disneyland! :)


Marlene said...

YES she's BACK! So excited! LOL! And that's not nice about the grandparents! We would have stayed longer if we weren't so dead tired! You sure got a good shot of GGB & Avery...hope you got shots of YOUR kids with her. You don't want to be sorry you missed the chance.
Can't wait to read what else you find to blog about! And I'm glad you stayed in your PJ's! Just like your momma told you! :)

Jennifer said...

Yayyy!! You're back!! I've missed your posts. I think the picture of Evan underwater is actually fabulous! And of course, your Kira is gorgeous as ever. =)

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Well what you have to work with came out wonderful!!!!! It sounds like a fun time! I hope you enjoyed your day off!