I wanted to start blogging again.

But I'm not sure I have as much time as I think I do to get it done.

I'm especially sad at how infrequently I take pictures now that my blog isn't active, and that is something that I want to turn around more than anything.
I hope this will help.

I did some family pictures for my sister, and I took some of Kira for her 10th birthday. All of these have been posted on FB but I thought I would add them here so I can find them more easily.

And also to make myself get back in the groove. :)

Here is one of my adorable toothless boy! :)

I cannot believe how fast they grow up! He is almost 8! Where has the time gone?

And here is my sister and her darling kids! :)

 Hopefully I will be back sooner rather than later!

Sorry I've been MIA for so long!


Helena said...

Hey! I have missed your blog. I love the toothless grin.

Jennifer said...

I've missed your blog, too!! Your entire family is gorgeous!!