Spring is in the air!

Well...sort of.

We got a small taste of it this week at least. Temps in the mid 60's and sunny! It's been so nice. A cold front is moving in tomorrow afternoon though to take it all away. Back to freezing and snow/rain mix this weekend. Boo!

So I made sure the kids had tons of time to play outside after school. They have been cooped up far too long. They barely played here, the next door neighbor has "cooler stuff" than us, but tonight no one was available to play, so they had to hang out with me. ;)

Then I just followed them around with a camera. I'm such a pain.  Then I messed around with effects on Picnik's site. Don't mind me, or the randomness of the pictures. ;)

Hello pigtails! I just love her hair.

And not the greatest photo for quality, but I included it because I love the expression on his face. It's just so...him!

Thanks for looking! Happy Spring!