Papa and Nonie are coming.

So I did the mean mom thing.

I made the kids clean up the basement. For safety's sake. Trust me.

For the majority of our stay, Shawn and I have rarely ventured down to the basement. We've made them tackle it about 5 times, maybe 6? So that's less than once a month. Plus no one ever sees it but kids. So it's one of those things we sort of ignore until you can't ignore it any longer.

In addition to that, I got a replacement for my little Samsung camera after it crapped out on me after a mere 5 months. I upgraded a bit to a new Sony, (even though I'm still bitter about my last cybershot, I couldn't pass up the deal) . I decided a few before/after shots would be just the thing! Plus I wouldn't want the grandparents to have any delusions about how tidy the children are, honesty is the best policy you know. ;)

So in the before shots I can assure you that a bomb did not go off. In spite of the leaning closet doors. (Lets not get into the defective closet doors and/or wiring/electrical issues throughout this house, suffice it to say, I can't wait to get back to Tucson for this reason alone!Grrrr)

No, no bombs. Just lazy, slobs for children. And it's not all their fault. Their friends helped too. (suuuuuuure, blame the friends who aren't there, slick right?)

Ahhh, the sweet After: (which I have no delusions about lasting, don't worry)

Kira was so happy she did some cartwheels and Evan hugged a post.

Can't wait to show you in person Papa and Nonie! See you tomorrow!


Helena said...

Dude. I need a basement.

Jennifer said...

Holy crap, I'm so jealous of all that extra basement space!! And BRAVO to your kids (and you)!! That transformation was freaking incredible!