Evil! Evil I tell you!

Cracker candy.

You read that right. Cracker candy. What on earth is this you ask? Well, apparently it is southern. My friend Megan introduced me to this stuff, and then shared the recipe. And I avoided it right up until this weekend. When PMS struck and I was out of Girl Scout cookies.

Argh! Damn you Megan. My waistline does not appreciate your temptations. :) My tastebuds however, approve wholeheartedly with your evil recipe!

Ok. So it is what it sounds like. But don't let the ingredients scare you away! (Unless you need an excuse. I should have heeded my doubts about this, but alas...)

So. You start out like this. Forty saltines on a foil lined cookie sheet.

Then you add one cup of butter and one cup of  *brown* sugar.(thanks Jennifer!)

And you melt that together, bring to a boil...oh crap. Then you realize that you actually need to read the recipe. And the packaging. And then you realize it says 0ne CUP of butter, not one CUBE. Do'h!
Yeah, you see that there? It's pretty basic stuff folks. Luckily I thought of it before I finished! 

Then you let that boil for about 3 minutes and then you pour it over your crackers so it looks like this:

Then you bake it in a 400*F oven for about 3-5 min. Remove from oven and sprinkle a bag of chocolate chips on top! I just used these trusty Nestle kind.

Then it looks like this, and you let it sit and melt for about 5 minutes.
 Then you come back and spread the chocolate around and put it in the fridge to chill for about an hour.

You will hate this part. The waiting I mean, because this smells so good, you will want to eat it, but you can't.

After you wait the requisite 30 min er...I mean hour. You come back, and you break it up into pieces like peanut brittle. It made quite a bit, and I just put it in a storage container in the fridge. 
Sorry if I ruined your diet, but I must admit, misery loves company. Leave me a comment if you try this and tell me what you think!


Jennifer said...

May I just say how evil this is when I am just over 4 months away from my wedding?

Also, you said sugar -- did you just substitute brown sugar, or did you mean brown sugar??

Heidi said...

I fixed it! Thanks for pointing it out!

wholarmor said...

Yes, very evil! Now I'm going to have to try it. Shame on you! ;)

Katie said...

um....you only have 35 crackers on there.

And it looks awful.

I guess I'll try it this weekend :)

Heidi said...

LOL! Sorry Katie. I apparently can't count. No matter. It made plenty anyway. And doesn't it just look terrible? I seriously was like "WTH?" and then I tried it. And I was sorry because now I have to keep eating it.