I know, its been awhile!

Not sure what happens, I get out of the groove I guess and then a week is gone by.

One of my issues is my little camera stopped working. And I haven't looked for the paperwork to take it in to Best Buy yet.

So I'm back to the big camera, which is fine, but harder to grab on the go.

Kira has been practicing braids and pony tails. It's been fun to be her practice head. I love having my hair done, so it is relaxing to me and she is learning. Though the styles she comes up with are, *ahem*, interesting. Here is one from last week. ;)

She was also practicing her photography skills with these pics. :)
Scary, no make-up face! Oh well!

You like that exposure? I think the camera may have been going at this point. Yikes! Couldn't fix that, sorry. :)

Shawn is working on my new computer though, so soon I'll be practicing some mad photoshop skillz for your viewing pleasure!