I'm a sci-fi junkie.

And since I didn't do a ten for Tuesday I'll do it today. :)

My love for science fiction only applies to television and movies. I cannot read it to save my life. Bores the snot out of me. I cannot account for this quirk. It just is what it is.

It might have something to do with the eye candy. Men. Usually hot ones. And aliens. Straight out of the minds of people who brilliantly entertain me.

So. My favorites? (So far, I still have so many shows on my Netflix to watch list! So this is subject to change)

1. Star Trek, Next Generation. (this will never change, even BSG cannot ever top this show in my heart)

So I came along a bit after Kirk, and while I admit to adoring the movie that was released recently, the show just seems so...goofy. I really appreciate what computers have done for special effects.
Jean-Luc  Picard stole my heart when I was about 12. I adore him. (Well I just adore Patrick Stewart in any role, but this was the best!) The entire cast is fabulous though, I have seen every episode at least once, but likely more. It aired for seven seasons and I watch it reruns any time I come across it still.

2. Battle Star Galactica.


This is just brilliant, and there is nothing I didn't like about this show. And I still have no idea why I don't own all four seasons on blu-ray yet. I wish it could have lasted forever. And ever. Amen.

3. Stargate SG-1. 

This show ran for 10 seasons, but the transition with the cast was very well done, and I loved both "groups". Shawn and I watched this whole series on netflix and I for one, could watch it all over again. It was great. Besides. Who doesn't want to look at Richard Dean Anderson for an hour at a time? (Another early crush I never got over. Hello! McGuyver! *sigh*)

4. X-Files.


This has it all. Drama. Sexual Tension. Smoking man. Aliens. I even liked Dogget. ;) Though the transition was not as seamless as it was in Stargate, ten years is a long run. It's bound to go in different directions eventually. This is the first series we watched on DVD, and while I loved this show before, I had no idea what I had been missing by not seeing every single episode in order! Huge difference!
5. Star Trek: Enterprise. And not even for the eye candy so much as Dr. Phlox. He CRACKED me up. I *LOVE* that character so dang much! Besides I think the real eye candy in this cast was T'pol and even as a woman I have to say Dayum! (That's her in the red)


6. Star Trek Voyager (Are you sensing a theme here? I know. I know. Don't say it!)


Janeway was such a great captain!
7. Star Trek DS9 . 

I named my daughter after this show. If you didn't know that, please don't judge me. :)  Besides, Kira is a gorgeous name!


Major Kira is to the right of  Sisko (the captain) as you look at the screen. She is Bajoran. ;)


One season. Fox really screwed up on this one. I do own this on dvd and then because of the screwy things Fox did, they did the right thing and wrapped up the story with a movie "Serenity". It was amazing, and I still can't believe I was so late to the party for this one. Damn. At least I still have Castle and Nathan Fillion. Shiny.

9. Flash Forward


I'm so scared to post this! I always love shows that get canceled. (I hope I don't jinx it, I hope, I hope, I hope!) This is only in it's first season, yet I'm hooked. I keep thinking I'm "getting" it and that it will turn predictable, and then it twists and I'm hooked all over again. It's *good*. Watch it! Then I won't be responsible for it's demise!  You can catch up on line, new episodes come back in a couple of weeks I think. Trust me. It's worth it! 

10. Warehouse 13.

This is only one season in, but it grew on me. It's not as "smart" as some of the other shows I love, but it is entertaining, and I'm enjoying it. It is a great way to relax, and you don't feel like you are always one step behind the writers. :) Some times predictability is refreshing. Or at least it lets your brain turn to mush while you enjoy yourself. 
Next up? So many! I'm still trying to decide about Caprica. I'm trying to love it, but it's slow going for some reason. Babylon 5, Stargate Atlantis, Lost. 

I'm so glad you can get them on DVD now! 


Katie said...

Ah, I love scifi. I still haven't watched BSG or Firefly even though I have your copy of Firefly. And I can't watch the ones that are running right now because I can't be sure to be home on any given night and I'm not cool enough to have a DVR :'( so sad for me. You will love SG Atlantis!

Helena said...

We enjoyed Farscape, too.

So what do you like to read? Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan series is my very favorite (which I would describe as character-driven science fiction). It's kind of hard to recommend to people, though, because the first couple books just aren't as strong.

Heidi said...

Helena, I love fantasy and then pretty much any other fiction. I struggle with SciFi though. My husband LOVES it, we have a huge collection. I don't know what it is about it in book form that I struggle with. I will tell my husband about that series though, and then maybe I'll give them a try too. Just because!:)

Katie. BSG. Seriously. Watch.

Helena said...

If you're a fantasy reader I imagine you wouldn't have any trouble with this series. It reads like fantasy to me.