Jelly Belly Factory!

So last night Shawn worked all.night.long.

So when he had a chance for some sleep, I loaded the kids up and we headed to Wisconsin. The Jelly Belly Factory has a free tour and a retail shop, and since we are only about 25 miles away and it's free! I thought it would be a fun way to spend the morning.

I was right!


We had to wait for about 15 min. for our tour to start, but it wasn't too bad. They had a movie playing so my kids just stared at that the whole time, and I looked at all the art on the walls. The time flew right by. ;)

Waiting in line:

What kept me entertained? Photo's of course, from as far back as the late 1880's! Little captions, a look at the past. I loved it! 

And here is what the kids found entertaining:

Then we all got a paper hat (required head gear here) and loaded onto the train!
Here is our train:

Kira didn't want to stand there so it's blurry, and Evan is six. Need I say more?

They had this by the exit, it's Jelly Belly art. Apparently it's a "thing" and they have lots of artists that do these. It takes hours and hours of work putting together Jelly Belly Mosaics, and this is the only picture I could get because you can't use your camera during the tour.  Lame, but I'm such a rule follower!

After the tour they let you out, conveniently, at the retail section of the factory! Then they give you free bags of Jelly Belly's! Score! So of course, we took the hint, and did a little shopping!


Jelly Belly Goodness:

On the way out we spotted this little cutie!

Thank you Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin Jelly Belly folks, we enjoyed our time with you!


Marlene said...

Good to see Evan wore his best pants! :) That sure looks like fun! I love Jelly Bellys! Especially the pop corn ones, oh and the rootbeer ones, and the cherry ones and the pina colada ones and the.....
good thing I didn't go, isnt' it?!? What a fun way to spend the day!

Helena said...

I love that mosaic.

Korky's Mom said...

The Jelly Belly factory! I think my 60-year-old father would be in heaven there!

Very fun!

linda said...

I would love to go to the Jelly Belly Factory. I love Jelly Belly's.

Jennifer said...

That looks like so much fun!! And you seem to have had as much fun as the kids! =) Great pics!

Disneypal said...

How fun!! Looks like the kids had a great time. That car is so cool!

Katie said...

How fun!

I have to laugh that I didn't even notice Evan's pants. Weird how holes in jeans don't grab my attention ;)