Tis the Season...or the end of the season at least...

Well, we wrapped up Gymnastics and Soccer over the last two weeks. Unfortunately I couldn't find my camera to capture Ev's last game, so Brie loaned me her camera, butI don't have the pics from her yet.

Kira loved gymnastics and is contemplating going another round this fall with our wonderful Parks and Rec coaches, or if she is going to join up with Springs, the nearsest full gym. She just can't decide. Which is ok with me.

This is Kira posing with her certificate of completion. Such a little ham.

The big finish following her floor routine.

Some Beam work.

A little glance at mommy before the dismount...which consisted of a rather ungraceful jump, but even with the hop, she put those hands up and finished strong! :)

Getting her certificate and stamps on her hand from her coaches!


Soto Family said...

Love these pix...scrapbooking material for sure! Especially like the first one with her certificate. Looking forward to the pix from Evan's game!

Marlene said...

And I didn't even know she was in gymnastics! I knew about the boys, of course, but no one ever mentioned Kira's adventure! She didn't either, come to think of it!
Grammy needs to know these things!

I can't wait to see the scrapbook pages, either! Bet those will be great! Are you going to post some of those? Since you don't have anything else to do, I mean! (Insert smiley face here!)