Grass Salad.

So one of the funnier people camping with us was Bob's really good friend Paul, and his lovely wife Sara. Paul was just a crack up, and he adored the kids. (He is jonesin' to be a grandpa I suspect!) He spent the entire time we were there calling Evan "Buckaroo". Evan called him Cowboy Paul, and wouldn't allow anyone else to call him Buckaroo. If you tried you were met with "You can't call me that! Only Cowboy Paul. YOU can call me Evan".

Kira got a huge kick out of Paul as well, because he spent one evening playing little mermaid with her. He was King Tritan with a hot dog stick as a scepter. In fact, it turned into something of a play. It went like this:

Kira (as Ariel): Will you be King Tritan?

Paul: What is a King Tritan?

K: He is the dad to Ariel.

P: Oh, ok, I'll be the king.

K: Ok, Ariel is going to run away and you want her to come back.

P: Ok. Merman Buckaroo Evan, go tell Mermaid girl Ariel to come back, tell her I'll give her 500 clams.

Evan: Ok. 500 clams?

P: Yup. 500 Clams.

E: wanders off repeating the amount to himself. Just as he reaches Kira he turns and says "How many clams" everyone says at once "500!" he says, "OK"

E: Ariel, King Tritan says he will give you 5 clams.

K: Tell him that's not enough.

E: Ok, walks back to Paul. She says no.

P: Ok, tell her 1000 clams, and that's my final offer!

E: Ok. 100 clams.

P: Nooooo....1000.

E: Ok. 1000? Off again, repeating the number.

E: Ariel he said come on now and you will get one clam!

K: (recognizing that she is getting ripped off and that maybe the next offer is nothing, heads off with Evan).

Evan we decided is going to make a great philanthropist. Or a con artist. One or the other.

Next morning Kira decides to help Paul and Sara with breakfast. She asks me to help her make a grass salad. "It's not *real*, you know, like grass for lettuce and sticks for croutons". When we finished it looked lovely in it's presentation of a dirty pink bucket.

She offered it to Paul.

To her horror, he thanked her kindly and then ATE it.

I about fell over trying to get pics of her expression!

Here it is in color for your enjoyment!


Marlene said...

I think I like this Paul! Does this remind anyone in the direct family of Taco Salad? And daddy's bravery? It does us!

Heidi said...

Yeah, I'm positive you would like Paul as much as our family! And poor Kira! She didn't actually mean for anyone to eat it, unlike the taco soup incident. ;)

Katie said...

LOL Poor Kim...and you know she's never online enough to know when we are making fun of her!!