The last of the swim lesson pics...

This is Kira's dive! Hard to see what she is doing, but she did it right! We'll have to work on her entry later! ;)

And a funny little non-related story.

Yesterday Evan dropped Kira's seahorse that goes to her polly pocket mermaid set down the drain. Gone forever. So I tell Kira that it was an accident and that Ev is really sorry. She says, "That's ok, but why don't you just call a hometown hero, you know, like the one in Higgly Town hero's. They come to your house and take apart your sink and get stuff out for you!" I said "You mean a plumber?" "Yeah! That's what it's called. You can just call a plumber and he will come save my seahorse."

It sucked telling her that I would not be spending $100 for a service call from a plumber. Apparently she didn't realize that hero's cost money these days. Poor kid.

Dad. We need you here. *You* could be the hero next time! (And you would be paid in hugs and kisses from the kids!)


Marlene said...

ohhhhhhh poor little Kira getting life lessons so soon! Poppa would TOTALLY get the seahorse out!

Marlene said...
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Marlene said...

dang it - twice again! I guess I need to log into my acct BEFORE I post a comment! sheesh - it's too hot to think! Supposted to get up to 95 today!

Katie said...

So anyone else from Tucson not feeling sorry for mom? Wasn't 110 today?

And really need to get your priorities straight. It's not like she has a lot of Pollys!