Evan and his cars...

Evan loved playing with his cars while we camped. I think part of it was he was allowed free reign with the dirt. Being dirty was no object, so he got down and dirty!

These are some of the "cleaner" shots, because I took them on the first day we were up there. I am pretty sure he brought home a good amount of the campground in his ears.

Here he is contemplating which way to build the roads. He had two kinds, small roads and big roads. Makes sense when you have two sizes of cars.

Thinking some more....this is big business, building roads.

Here he has them all lined up. I'm not exactly sure why,but instead of putting them in the box when he was done, like I asked, he put them on the picnic bench. Who needs to sit to eat anyway? Silly mommy!


Marlene said...

Daddy really loved this! Especially the train in the middle of all the cars and trucks!