A third attempt.

Well you know what they say! Third times the charm. I cannot fathom having anything interesting enough to say to blog and blog and blog. But I'm going to try, and this one will be public.

I think my previous failings at blogging are two fold. Number 1. I rarely feel witty or clever or funny, so I see myself as rather boring.Who out there wants to read the rantings of a stay at home mom with two kids? Number 2. I think I tried too hard. I tried to think of what to say, coudln't think of anything "good enough" and so I didn't write at all.

So here is my final attempt.

I've discovered recently that the more random seeming, the more everyday a person's blog *is* the more I enjoy popping in to read what they are up too.

New landscaping? Take a picture and talk about it. Kid in a school play! Share!

So I'm trying to look around at the everyday stuff, to remember no one else sees the world or my life through my eyes. And maybe someone else might find the things I find interesting, interesting too.

Thanks for reading. I hope you come back!


Soto Family said...

You're such a copycat! But as long as you keep leaving me comments on my blog, I guess it's ok. Of course you picked the template that I almost picked...Kinda creepy in that way we tend to be. Isn't that pic of you and Shawn from last year? So isn't it, 10 years looks good on you? Just jokin' with you.

Katie said...

You're right!-- She is a copycat and that WAS from last year....at the fourth of july party if I remember right :)

But I will probably come read it...even if you are kind of nerdy to blog!