I'm back!

Took a pretty long hiatus I realize, lots going on. We had a wonderful trip to Arizona for Christmas, then we all came home with a cold. Got over that and got ready to get back in the groove, and I had to say goodbye to my sweet Tipper kitty. :*( It was not a good time for me and I wasn't in a good space to blog, or talk about much at all really. I sort of holed up in the house with my kids and Shawn and loved on my sweet pets that are still with me. I'm feeling a bit better, started getting some purging done, deep cleaning, etc. and that seems to bring me out of dark times. It is very freeing for me to clean and organize and get rid of "stuff".

On December 19th we flew out to the sunny desert to thaw out and see our family for the holidays! Kira and Evan had never flown before, so this was huge! :)

I'll blog about the festivities in a different post, still have to sort the pics and stuff! I'll be back soon!