Ancient America. A tour.

The other full exhibit we saw (and we actually *still* missed the last part of it for lack of time) was the Ancient America exhibit. It was just incredible the sheer amount of things on display they had. It was a little overwhelming actually, and for me a little TOO much. You know, like when kids have too many toys, they don't appreciate them as much? Same thing for me here, just too many things to see, and I couldn't take it all in.
And so begins our love affair with corn. And was problematic even then in it's purest form. 

Just thought this was interesting. We used to be too thin and malnourished,
 causing fertility issues. Now we are too fat and malnourished, causing fertility issues.
The pottery collection was outstanding. Sorry about the blur, it was really dark and then the signs were lit from behind and it made it really difficult to take a picture in here.
The next stuff is mostly for Katie, I just thought she would like to see some samples.

This is object #2 above.

This is number 7. 

Above are just misc. clothes from different time periods and tribes. The furry one's are from Alaska, as is the canoe and sled above.


Katie said...

ok, LOVE the pottery! Thanks :)

But where are the cradle boards?