The Field Museum

So cool. I cannot wait to go back and spend a day here. We only had a couple of hours and it was barely enough time to sort of see Egypt, eat some icecream at the McDonalds and see part of the evolution of the earth. Not enough time!

Most of the pics are crummy, but thought I would share any way.

Child mummy.

Front entrance. Huge!

Totem poles in the front. Crazy how high that ceiling is no?

We disagree with Liam's opinion.
This was funny. This block of stone used for pyramid building took 72 men to move. The kids gave it their best shot though. And recruited some other museum goers but it wouldn't budge. ;)

Seriously have so many more pictures and I could have done so much more with this post, but I know I will never get back to it after the holidays so this slacker post will have to do! My humble apologies for the lameness. I'll be back in action come January, so long as people stay out of the hospital. ;)


Marlene said...

That looks like fun, that muesum. Kira was telling me about it yesterday!

Jennifer said...

That's an awesome-looking museum!! Looks like you guys had a ton of fun!