A day in the life of an American Girl...

Our little American Girl managed to save $256 for a shopping spree at the American Girl Place, Chicago. Shawn and I gifted her money and a day out for Christmas, and the rest she saved up from other sources. :) (Mostly Great Grandma Bramblett! ) We started off at 8am and dropped Evan off to play with his friend George for the day. Then we headed downtown.  We started off with reservations for brunch. Kira had no idea we were going to do that, and jumped up and down and said "REALLY!!!! We get to EAT there too! This is going to be the best day of my life EVER!"

Here is the restaurant. The decor was darling, the dolls were given special seating and tea cups and saucers too, and the napkin rings are hair ties that the girls get to keep.
Kira ordered heart shaped pancakes and the appetizer was a mini-cinnamon bun and desert was a pot of white chocolate mousse with a flower in it and a butterfly cookie. So cute! (We won't discuss the cost of this meal. We paid for the experience for sure!)

After brunch we headed out to shop. Kira had a list of what she wanted and so we were on the hunt.

It really didn't take her long, even though there were tons of things in the store that weren't in the catalogue. She's a bit of a planner like her mama. ;)


Resting with daddy after all that shopping! 

Can you even believe this bag held it all!? Crazy amount of stuff in there!

The American Girl Store was celebrating the launch of Lanie, Girl of the Year. Kira has wanted a girl of the year for the last three years, but then waivers at the last minute and gets a different doll. So since she has Kit and Julie she decided that rather than take a chance she would buy Lanie with her own money. They were celebrating with a scavenger hunt, making a book mark and a nature book craft. She got to do all three activities and also she got to meet a turtle brought in by a museum. While she was looking at the turtle and petting it, one of the associates was taking pictures of her to send to corporate headquarters to show them how the day was going. (She was taking them on her camera phone and sending them that way.) Kira was perfect in her American Girl sweatshirt!

Bookmark making:

Nature book:

Scavenger hunt and prize for finishing!


By this time she was super tired and ready to go home so she could play with her new things. So we headed out. She fell asleep on the way home. It is hard to shop that much all at once. ;) I'll post a picture later of her with everything out, but she is busy playing with it right now, so that will have to wait. ;)
Here is Shawn aka "The Pack Mule".

Then we headed out, and paid for the parking. Eek!

Can you say OUCH! (I loathe the price of parking in Downtown. So obscene!)

Then just some misc. pics for fun!

Pretty darn fancy bathroom huh? Thought this was really cute. They think of everything there, in the stall is a holder for your doll!  And it's me! Of course I took a picture of it!


The back seat with all her stuff! 

And one very tired little girl on the way home.


Katie said...

OMG how much fun is that?! She looks sooo super excited in all the pictures! I'll bet she remembers this day forever. I can't believe how much money she saved LOL At least you were smart enough to not say you'd match it this time!

Marlene said...

LOL she's going to kill you for posting that last pic! Amazing shopping trip, Kira! Looks like you had a blast. Pop doesn't think it looked like daddy was having as much fun as you were! Hope you gave him an extra big hug for being such a good sport! Pop would have been sitting outside somewhere on a bench!........

MaryMary86 said...

I've only been lucky enough to visit Chicago once and that was one place I hit! I love American Girls and love that store!! Your daughter is adorable! Thanks for sharing so many pictures; I've always wanted to see what the lunch would be like.

Melanie said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time, something she will always remember. Wish there was one closer to us.

Wingnut said...

First of all...she is so beautiful! And the new doll looks like *her* My daughter never got into dolls at all, let along AG dolls. I think I need to thank her for that :P What a lovely time to spend with your girl!