Africa. A little visit.

So while at the Field Museum we decided to take a little tour of Africa. Let me just say that I'm *really* glad this was not on my first trip or my first venture in the museum, because I would not be raving about the wonders of that museum. It was just sub-par. They really need to rope it off and update. The most recent statistics I saw were from 1993. That's not working for me. In addition all of the "stuff" for kids, the phones, the buttons, the roll over quiz boxes, etc...broken, missing, destroyed. It was in sorry shape. And I for one, was not impressed.

Here are some pictures anyway.

 Fun fact: This is Africa, with all these other countries on top to show the true size.

Some gorgeous beaded headdresses. 

Too bad the photography isn't gorgeous too, but I figured I would want to see what I wasn't able to see in pics, even if it was a little blurry. And over all underwhelming photography. I hope you can get something out of it anyway! 

Next we got to try out these fun furnace bellows. Even I gave it a try, and let me just say I'm glad that it wasn't my job to tend the furnace. What a pain! (Literally, I think your arms would fall off)


There was a lot of "do I use the flash, don't I use the flash?" going on in my mind. For future reference, when handing the child the camera (as seen in my other photos from yesterday), use the flash. 

These photo's are *SO* bad. And then I made them larger. And I just feel like apologizing. Truly. I can't do this place justice!

Now how stinkin' cute are these little guys! I've never even seen a picture before, so entirely new for me. (And Shawn too).

These are Dik-diks. And they are so tiny and fragile looking I just couldn't get over it.
Kira sat in a pic for me so you could see the size comparison!
See!? That baby is micro! And don't their little legs just look like they would snap like a twig? I just adore them!
And then there was this. Hello GORGEOUS!!!!

Evan liked the gross stuff. He is a 6 year old boy. I've come to live with it.

So of course he was fascinated by the eyeballs.

  Here they are checking out a water well for camels.
Kira was really great about reading everything to Evan, they were so kind to each other yesterday, while Shawn and I did "boring stuff, like reading *everything* that was BORING!" ;0P

How do you ride a camel? :) I know you are dying to find out. So I took a picture of the saddle and the sign! (You can thank me later)
Ok, so this next thing? I missed everything about it, when it was from, where, etc. You know, all the stuff you are there to learn. Because frankly? It was cracking me up! And then I started thinking about Lawson (Shawn's dad) and how much he would crack up at this contraption. And then I got all distracted and couldn't pay attention. (Tell me you aren't laughing at this Dad!)

Ok, seriously. It's a bike. With this huge wooden box contraption thing, with an 80's boom box strapped on and filled with cassette tapes!
And you can buy them! :)
There was a section following this on slavery, it was done poorly, imo. And it was dark. Darker than the rest of it.

So this is the end of our adventure to Africa. But at least I ended on a fun note! That bike is just Rad dude!


Marlene said...

That looks like such a fun place to visit! I don't get what the bike and boombox had to do with Africa, however!
I love the beautiful pottery and info boxes you were kind enough to photo so we could read a bit about the things! We tried to see Chaco but the road was a river so we didn't get to. Now I guess we'll have to go back! It's not so far now!
And I really never knew how big Africa was until you showed that one graphic! I knew it was big but holy cow! That's HUGE! I feel so small now...... oops, maybe I fell into the shrink machine......I'm me! oh wait, stop me when I am about 50 lbs lighter, K? Thanks ever so much!

Katie said...

wow mom. Less caffeine.

Heidi said...

Heh! I don't know what to even say. :) I'm just laughing.