Field Museum part two...and three and four, possibly five...

So Shawn took the day off, and the kids were out of school, so we headed back to the Field Museum. We arrived at 11am. We left at 5 pm. We barely scratched the surface again! Six hours and 3 1/2 exhibits and lunch. It is just insane how HUGE that place is!

I'm going to do it in installments. Because I took over 200 pictures. So for tonight I will share with you the pictures from our Underground Adventure! (This was *so* much fun!)

Here we are at the beginning. Each kid wanted a turn taking a picture. :)

Then we entered a shrinking machine! Here are the kids inside before us. 

This is the final stage, you walk down this hallway and then shrink down to about 1/2" tall!

Now we are super small! 

(Sorry about the red eye, photoshop isn't reconizing it) 

Next we explored all around the underground, we are about 3" below the surface.
We saw lots of bugs and spiders and roots all around us! 

Then the kids found these discarded cicada exoskeletons and decided to try them on for size!


See here, photoshop thought his lips had red eye apparently. Sorry, I just feel to lazy
to go in and do it all manually right now. I'm such a slacker!
 I thought this was a cool little piece of trivia, I knew farmers rotated crops, but I had NO idea HOW 
this worked. So there you go. :) Soybean crops are good for the soil *because* of this 
relationship with Rhizobia! Cool. I love learning stuff like this.
Then we headed out and grew back to our normal size. Evan is frustrated in his picture because I said 
"Please, just smile normal!" and he said "I just don't think my face can do it!"



More to come this weekend! Lots more stuff to share. Thanks for reading!


Helena said...

That is so very cool!

Nathan said...

Love the new theme! And the pics were very cool. I have to get to the Field museum again soon. And just a reminder that you HAVE to go back to the Museum of Science and Industry and do the Submarine (U-boat). It costs a little extra but is the coolest thing ever. A real german U-boat, and you get to go inside. Then they have the audio like from a real boat with sonar pings and stuff. Just awesome.