NINE DAYS!!! Where on earth have I been?

Well I have actually been busy! Believe it or not, but I didn't forget to take pictures while I've been on my blogging hiatus!

I'll post several different posts to keep things simple. So I'll start with the kindergarten field trip!

We went to Apple Holler in Wisconsin, and I lucked out that the bus was super crowded and so I rode in a van with another mom! Yay for cars! Evan was sort of bummed out, but he was already in the very last seat with two other boys, and his disappointment consisted of a semi-sad face followed by laughter when the other boy poked him in the side. He promptly forgot I was even there. I got off and skipped merrily off to the van. (Yes, I am pretty sure I skipped. It's the little things in life when you are a stay at home mom you know?)

This is my group. That little girl *Emma? I want to bring her home. Kira needs a sister and I just thought she was the sweetest little girl! She really reminds me of Miss Margo, sweet, friendly, and a little bit flighty. We kept losing her, because she saw a lady bug, or a friend, or a rabbit hopping in the orchard. ;) She was in her own little world.

We saw a Johnny Appleseed show, that was pretty boring, but I'm not 5, they seemed to mostly enjoy themselves, then they got a cookie on the way out. I didn't mind that part.

We went on a hayride and the kids got to pick one apple and one pumpkin. Most of them ate the apple before we got back, Evan was thrilled when I told him not to worry about washing it, to just wipe it on his pants. :) I'm such a cool mom!

Then we had a picnic lunch and free time. We went in a maze, and saw some pigs, climbed on hay bales and we mom's were really happy when that 40 min. was over. We were just exhausted by the end of it all!

The funniest thing I found here was the goat bridge. They had pens on either end and the goats just went up and over the people. I was wildly entertained by this. I know. It doesn't take much.


Jillian said...

We went to a pumpkin farm recently that had a similar goat bridge. In fact according to the sign that hung beneath, it is "The longest goat bridge in Collin County" we know =)

Marlene said...

wow, hope the bridge had solid walkways - little marbles pelting you and some leaking would really not be funny! Well, ok, maybe if it happened to someone else! :o)