Getting in the Halloween spirit for cheap!

The kids want spooky. They want scary, they want decorations. So do I. What I don't want is to spend money on stuff that I can't bring back to Tucson. I don't want more than what we came with and we already have more than what we came with.

So in an effort to please the kids and my pocket book and my clutter free self, we compromised and had a "do it yourself" decoration day.

It cost $4 for the "spider web", the paint for the windows was left over from the egg carton spiders, the bouncy string for the spiders was $2 and the Martha Stewart mice were almost $6, but I have wanted those for 2 years and finally didn't have carpeted stairs so I gave in and bought them!

Evan and I also swung by the $ store and picked up our skeleton friend, and the jar of skulls. (Believe it or not Evan thought up the Skull thing. He wanted to put them in a dish but I suggested the jar and he loved that so we did that for $4) That skeleton for reference is 5' tall, just like me! Pretty cool for a buck!

I spent a better part of an afternoon cutting out bats from leftover cardstock. I just printed out the silhouette from Martha Stewarts website and traced it in two sizes. We stuck them inside both lampshades in the living room for a fun effect! The cost of being cheap is your hands hurt from holding scissors so dang long. ;)

Kira contributed the cute ghost and Nathan brought us the cool pumpkin, and we had a wonderful afternoon of decorating!


Jennifer said...

Wow, so fun, and so cheap!! I love the mice -- damn Martha Stewart!!

Jillian said...

OMG Heidi those mice are CREEPY - I would totally do it if I had stairs!

Really cute stuff!!

Marlene said...

Ok, I love it all - EXCEPT the mice! I totally would NOT go up those stairs! ewwww
Evan, I love the skulls in the jar and Kira your ghost is WONDERFUL! You are all so creative! Isn't if fun to make things instead of buying everything already made?
Wish you were here to do decorating (minus the mice) for me! But you WILL get to help with Christmas stuff! The tree will be up and waiting for you to decorate it! horray!

Anonymous said...

Found your tips on 2peas! I love the mice!!

Kymberly Foster Seabolt said...

Okay, I am not only so impressed with your frugal fun decor but I'm so consumed with envy over your blog's design I could just spit! It's lovely. Great job on, well, EVERYTHING!

Julee... said...

I absolutely love those mice! Dang carpet on my stairs! I love the bats in your lampshade as well. Cute, cute, cute!

And your blog design is fabulous, I agree!

Heidi said...

Thanks for all the wonderful compliments everyone. Made my day!