Dumpster Diving!

Yesterday when I went to get Kira from ballet I saw a little something by the big dumpster behind the building. I made her hurry really fast so no one else would take my treasure!

When we got to it I said "What do you think? Should we put that in the van and take it home?" My little darling said "YES! Let's! I'll stand here and wait while you get the van so no one else takes it!" (A girl after my own heart!) She even had to stand in the rain!

After a little bit of spray paint to cover some yellowing and chipping, she looks lovely in her new home, holding baby doll and American Girl doll clothes! Much improved over the overflowing basket on the closet floor!

Yay for free stuff. (And for grandparents and parents who taught me to never be ashamed to make someone's trash my treasure!)


Katie said...

That's awesome! What a great find and a great genetic makeup :)

Marlene said...

LOL - trash to treasure! I love it! Kira should get some pretty purple paint and around the drawers and the knobs. Maybe.
And I am proud of both of you!

Jennifer said...


Heidi said...

She wants to paint it, but I don't know if I want to put any real effort into it, because it can't come back with us. Too bad huh?! It would be perfect in Tucson too!