A halloween party!

Shala threw a huge Halloween party for her daughter Fiona last weekend. She had a houseful of 10 yo girls, a very wonderful and helpful 15 yo, Kira and Ava who are 7 and Evan. Whew. It was so loud! Let me just say that first. Nothing quite like it.

I went out early with the kids to help out and did bunches of decorating, it was SO fun! Shala had great ideas and lots of stuff so it was really simple to put it all together.

One of the best ideas was the costume table, and the girls got to dress up then every 15 min. they would switch, it was great fun! In between they would dance and dance.

The kids had a "Evil laugh" contest and then did a "Trick" show, Kira impressed with her handwalking abilities, and this girl *Jenna was so flexible!

Evan was his usual flirty little self. He had all the girls fawning over him and telling him how cute he was all night!
They thought he was just hilarious when he did this:

Random stuff:

Some super cute kids:


Marlene said...

Bet Uncle Terry is going to have a comment about the blue fairy!
Looks like it was a lot of fun!