So our first camping adventure as siblings went fairly well. There were a few times we wished mom and dad were there. Camping is hard work, and they always just had everything we needed. With all of our brains put together we managed to have almost everything we needed. The only big issue was wood. Shawn and Jason and Terry lugged several small fallen trees and branches up the hill and then broke them into manageable pieces by standing on them etc. Did we have an axe? A saw? Nope.

We spent lots of time telling the kids to go play, being annoyed by our dumb drunken neighbors who thought we would enjoy their loud thumping music as much as they did, (we did not), playing games together, and reading. Lots of laughing, a little less yelling, and fun.

Our adventure started on Thursday, when Katie and the kids and I headed up to secure a spot. We found a good spot, but it was a ways down from where we could park. Perfect for everything except unloading! It took several trips down the hill. It was only slightly better than loading, but at least there were 6 adults to haul it up again!

We got the big tent up, and had no problem getting settled. We had the good fortune of being on a small little cliff, that had a big flat area below it. We sent hte kids to play down there, and we could see and hear them with little effort, but they were a distance away that kept things relatively quiet.

On Friday Terry and Shawn came up. Sans the packed SUV. We brought everything we could fit in my van, then loaded up Katie's highlander. Well the guys grabbed their clothes and pillows, some food, and misc. stuff and came up in the Lexus. We aren't sure where their brains were. We got lucky and got ahold of Kim and Jason before they left, and they went and got the stuff out of the Highlander....only to be foiled by a forest fire! Oy. So the mountain was closed until 10pm. But they came up anyway. So we got to set up tents in the dark, and the kids didn't care that we went to bed late...the sun was up and so were they! I think everyone but Terry and Jason took a nap the next day.

Since this is getting super long anyway, I'll spare the details of the drunken neighbors for another time.

And instead post some pics!

Shawn and the kids playing dominos. Kira kept winning.


Mark, Sandra, Lane, Kolt, Boomer & Bindee(the dogs), & Harley(the cat) said...

Looks like you had the same idea we had!!! We too went camping this past weekend. It went alittle better for us this time!!! Love your pics, the kiddos are so CUTE!!!

Katie said...

I love that last pic with you and Kim. That is too cute!!

Marlene said...

OK, I posted a comment on this the other day and it didn't come up - and the one I posted on the lake trip doubled! I don't think I will ever get the hang of this! See Heidi - you are little in the pic with Kimi too!
Sorry you missed us (not) but we had fun too! Our camping trip was a bit less rough but not as much fun as you all had! We enjoyed the peace and quite but found ourselves missing you kids on several occasions! We even got to go to a would have loved it, girls!