Rotten kids!

So getting Evan to tell me about school has been like pulling teeth. He tells me "I had a snack and played on the playground". Then Shawn gets home. And he goes on and on and on about his day, and details everything for him. I get the leftovers.

So tonight at dinner he's detailing for Shawn, and he tells him, "I learned my name today E-V-A-N, now I can spell it". I wanted to cry. I couldn't believe that something like that would make *me* emotional, but geez! I'm practically begging this child to tell me about school,and he saves that doozy for his dad! No fair!

Kira on the other hand won't stop telling me. Today I volunteered in her class. She mostly pretended I wasn't there. She was really indifferent to me. Kind of strange, but ok. She does really well, but her table got kept in for a few minutes of recess....for....drum roll please! TALKING! (Boy, she is a little like me after all!) I got in trouble for this from kindergarten till the day I graduated. Every teacher. *shrug*. I guess she'll figure it out...or get in trouble. ;)

After school I got a call from Evan's school. Turns out they missed one of his immunizations at his check up and he needs it to stay enrolled. I called the Dr. and they fit him in today. Great right? No. We also had a dentist appointment this afternoon, and right before Ev's nap he asked me if he had to get shots. I told him "Nooooo! Silly this is for cleaning your teeth, you already had shots!". So I wake him up from his nap with end-of-the-world news. That yes, indeed, he has to get a shot. Man was he upset with me.

But he lived through it. And for his trouble his teeth were perfect, and he scored a lost hot wheels at Target. (Found it in the shopping cart!)

Whew. Close call for me.

So I'm off to veg now. Long day.


Katie said...

I can't believe Evan can spell his name!! Thats awesome!

LOL that Kira got in trouble for talking on the 3rd day of school!! I can't imagine where she got that :) Shawn being such a talker and all....

And geez, what do you expect of Evan?? You lie to him about shots, drag him to the dentist and then you expect him to confide in you about school?? Really? You're a little slow if you ask me....


Marlene said...

Now Katie - be nice! You had a bit of a motor mouth problem too! You all did! Musta got that from.....Daddy! Right! That's it!
Congrats to Evan - for name spelling and shots and good teeth - AND a 'new' hot wheel!
And hugs to Kira - Grammy loves her!

Mark, Sandra, Lane, Kolt, Boomer & Bindee(the dogs), & Harley(the cat) said...

Maybe he's just sticking with the "Daddy's boy" thing. I'm sure will will get to here lots more....what a bummer about the forgotten immunization, poor kiddo!!