My Bad.

Gosh, I didn't realize it had been almost week since Iposted! Oy.

Sorry! We had a really busy weekend, but it was fun! On Saturday we spent some time with Aunt Kim and Aunt Katie and Collin. We hung out my house mostly and just relaxed. The boys played trains, and Kim and Kira made Rice Krispie treats.

The week is already flying by. I spoke with Kira's teacher today and she said Kira is great. I asked her if her chattering was a problem at all, and she told me not really. She said she has a hard time getting after Kira, because while chatting, she still works....the problem is that the person she is talking too isn't likely to be as good at multi-tasking! So she has had to remind her a couple of times.

I'll be volunteering once a week in the kids classrooms, though Evan has to wait until mid-August. The pre-school teacher wants to have them be a little more comfortable and independent in the classroom. Evan is doing really well, and I just keep getting told how sweet he is.

Kira was also chosen to be Star Student! this week. She gets to bring home a canvas bag and fill it up with things that she wants to share for show and tell. She is really excited. Each child gets a week, and she is first!

I think this is a great way to let each kid be special and at the same time avoid dealing with a weekly show and tell for everyone in the classroom!

This week we have also had some crazy monsoon rains, and so I've been turning off the computer in the afternoons due to the lightening.

Here are a couple of pics of Kira and Kim making us goodies!

I'll try to get back on the ball with my posts!


Abbie said...

Sounds like your kids are doing great at school :D My daughter is starting in a week or so, I'm more nervous than she is!

Mark, Sandra, Lane, Kolt, Boomer & Bindee(the dogs), & Harley(the cat) said...

You all sound so fun!! I love our family time, and learning about the boys' days at school. We're almost there to go for another year!!