Kindergarten open house!

My camera was dead. D E A D. Dead. Sucks. So no pics.

But Kira had lots of fun meeting everyone in her class. The strange part is we know 3 little girls going into kinder. All three of them will be in Kira's class. So crazy.

The school served pizza and soda for dinner, but Galan and Shawn decided Pizza *out* at Argenziano's, a nearby Italian place, sounded better. So the 8 of us went there. There was over an hour wait for Pizza, so we decided to just order regular food. Sooooooo glad I saved up my flex points this week for weight watchers! I really enjoyed my manicotti and garlic bread!

Kira's teacher is a tiny little thing, maybe a little taller than me, but probably about 100lbs and she just gave birth 3 months ago. Is that a requirement to teaching K's? My Kindergarten teacher was so little also.

She seems really on the ball too, so that is great. And the kids should be reading *and* writing complete sentences by the end of the year. Kira will be thrilled with that!

So school starts Monday! I can't believe how fast it goes. Kindergarten? Holy moly.


Firelily said...

Crazy how fast it goes... pretty soon they will be doing their end of the year program... as a fifth grader... and you'll wonder where the time went. I feel your pain... and excitement... This is a fun time!

Abbie said...

Isn't it exciting! Good luck to your daughter. My daughter is starting K at the beginning of August too... I'm so nervous!

Mark, Sandra, Lane, Kolt, Boomer & Bindee(the dogs), & Harley(the cat) said...

I can't believe school is starting so soon for you all-we don't start until 8/22. Best wishes on starting, and savor the moments, or before you know it one will be in middle school like mine(;gosh, that means I'm still getting old).

Katie said...

Mrs. Kress was little too. I think it must be a requirement :) Don't want to scare the kids LOL!

How exciting for Kira! I can't wait to see the first day pics and all the new things she'll be learning and bringing home :)

Not that she needs anything else to make her feel smart and bossy! Poor Evan :)