Our Thanksgiving table and crafty stuff.

I forgot that I took pics of the tables for Thanksgiving. I was on a major budget, so I had to be creative. I bought everything on clearance, so the total of this entire table was less than $20. (I used my dinner plates as "chargers" under the paper plates. ) I also used twine that I had on hand, pinecones and greenery from foraging around outside, and the candles were also something I already had on hand.

The kid table (super basic, worked out perfectly):

The turkeys...er, the children:

Made in kindergarten of course!

Then after dinner the kids made turkey's out of choco-crispie treats and other assorted goodies. They were super proud! And it was a really nice thing to have for them to do. It can be tough to keep ten kids entertained!

Some finished products!

A close up of Evan's little turkey. He insisted. I didn't resist. ;)

LOL! Isn't this funny. I have no idea why it has red hair sprouting on its body. I think she might have been thinking chicken? Who can say.

It was a lovely time and we are so grateful that we could share the holiday with our wonderful new friends. Thanks so much for sharing your day with us!


Marlene said...

I love the decos~ very clever! And the cocoakrispy turkeys look yummy! I'm glad you had a full house Heidi....we missed you here but knowing you weren't just the four of you made it easier for me....