Kira's Birthday Party!

This year was a tough one. Kira is on that cusp of little girl/tween. And so when she asked for a ballet themed party, I found that really the party stores, etc. pretty much cater to the four year old set. Little tutu's and pink fluffy, cutesy ballerinas. Not really saying "Kira" to me, and certainly not saying "Eight year old". So I had to be creative and come up with something a little more grown up and a little more "us". Enter the Winter Wonderland Ballet. A little silver, a little purple, a little teal. Some glitter, some tulle, some ribbon and a little bit of Nutcracker on the ipod and we were good to go. It still said "Kira" and elegant ballet all at the same time. Aunt Kimi made the best little cake balls ever, and the girls loved them. We served up some pink drinks (sprite and sorbet) and snacks were a hit. We also made pretty halo's with ribbon and tulle and snowflake tinsel wire. They were a hit too, you can see them in the photo's where Kira is blowing out her candles. For some reason I have no photo's of the room where they are dancing, etc. We hung dozens of snowflakes from the ceiling in there, so it looked like it was snowing. Super cute!
We had a hold the ballet pose game, and each girl got to choose a pose to make everyone hold as long as possible. We also did a word search (so nice to have five minutes of quiet!) They also played a game where each girl made a move up and they all copied it around the circle. Eventually creating an entire "dance". They also did lots of playing without mom. ;) (I'm already lame!)
Not much to say, it was a party full of 8 year old little girls, but the pictures should help. ;)


Helena said...

What great ideas! Everything is just beautiful! Kate saw me looking at the picture of the candy and came running over saying, "LOOK! What are THOSE?"