Kira turns 9!

So this is one of those back track posts, but I wanted to include her party story too!

We had initially planned a skating party. But we found out that two of her three best friends could not make the party, and that was really upsetting. Especially since S was moving. Literally in a couple of weeks. So I came up with a quick plan and we had a movie party at the mall. First all the girls brought some money, and we hit Justice and Bath and Body works. They had so much fun being bargain shoppers! Then Aunt Kimmi surprised Kira with some cupcakes at the food court! She was so shocked! And they were gorgeous! After that, (it was sort of rushed cupcake eating, since girls shopping at the mall can be rather slow and indecisive...) we went to see Tangled. That movie could not have been a better first "chick flick" for them to see together.

The day was wildly successful, and the girls all told their moms that they want a party like that. ;)

Shopping is serious business.


How darling are these cupcakes? My sister totally rocks. (too bad my pos Sony point and shoot does not rock, sorry about the crappola I'm calling "photo's" in this blog post)

(Hey, I made the darling girl in this pick though, so that should count for something right?)

Can you believe after eating cupcakes these girls put away popcorn, candy and a soda too? Yeesh.

But they sure are fun! I'm so glad we have these girls in our life! Kira is a lucky girl!


Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Love the silly/tongue sticking out one!!!!

**MIGNONNE** said...

That looks like so much fun and those cupcakes are GORGEOUS and so is Kira!!! Happy Birthday!

Jennifer said...

How fun!! Sounds like a fantastic party idea. Sorry to hear her friend is moving, though, boo! =( That always sucks.