Evan turns 7.

So we celebrated with friends at the bowling alley! I'm telling you. In spite of my love for planning parties, by the time they get to this age, just going somewhere is so much easier! (And due to my love planning parties, it actually winds up costing less as well.)

Then for the family party, Lawson and Phoebe, my wonderful inlaws threw a party at their house for Evan again. It was a party weekend, and it was a blast. (Thanks so much again!)

So you show up and there are table cloths, plates and napkins and balloons. Doesn't get much easier than that!

Then you sweet talk your amazing sister who bakes to hook you up:

Then you bowl for a bit.

Then they bring out pizza and soda. And they serve it. Yeah. See how this is going for me? 

Then you eat cake.

Then you open up a few gifts.

So virtually I do nothing other than stalk the children with my camera. And I get lousy pics because I am out of practice. But hey, I'm ok with that.

Its not like you are going to get anything decent with a crew like this anyway. ;)


**MIGNONNE** said...

It really is the perfect party! How fun for all of you. Evan is adorable too. Hey where did his glasses go? Happy birthday Evan.

Heidi said...

Oh! His glasses! So funny. He broke his glasses, but then his prescription was changed. So the new glasses got picked up right after this party. :) He is cute as ever in them too! :)

Jennifer said...

Wow, it sounds so easy! And no clean-up! Those cupcakes look uh-MAZING. Lol! I drooled a little when I saw the picture of Evan biting into his! What a great party! (And can't wait to see his new glasses!)