Color Me Mine (an overpriced but fun thing to do!)

So Wednesday the kids in our district had a half day, so Lorraine had the idea to meet at Color Me Mine, a place in our mall that lets you paint your own "stuff". So we met up at 2:30 for some painting fun!

The first battle was the fact that I am anti-clutter. And my kids are clutter people. So this is an ongoing battle. But when I'm forking out the big bucks, I win. I just could not let them paint statues, that are ceramic, that will somehow become "sentimental" pieces that they cannot bear to part with but don't really want or love on display. In addition, their shelves/dressers are *already* jam packed. So I put my foot down. It's likely they will need therapy, or become hoarders later in life. Sigh.

In any case, I persuaded *coughinsistedcough* that they come up with something practical. That narrowed down their choices to a mug, a plate, a bowl or goblet. Lucky for them, there were dozens of choices in this very narrow category.

However Evan, upon falling in love with this ridiculous fish:

Became a total pain in the butt and refused to pick anything else. Refused. So I told him he could sit there and pout. So he did. (And how he honed in on this I will never know. There was exactly ONE fish. And this was what the shelves looked like)

Here is Evan pouting.

He gave up. Of course.

Then someone there said we could print up clip art stuff and use it on whatever we chose and so I suggested we find a Mario picture or Phineas and Ferb picture and paint it on a plate for his waffles in the morning. This turned his whole attitude around and everything was fun and smooth from then on.

Margo selected a tea set, it is super cute and she came up with a great design for it.

Laura had a really cool owl but my pics came out blurry. And Lorraine painted a super cute bowl for her cat food. :)

 Kira also chose a plate. She wanted Princess Peach on hers. She did a *really* nice job!
(She also didn't wear an apron, in a long sleeve white shirt, painting, and came out of there clean. I will never know how she does that!)

  (Clean being relative, she did wear that shirt to school and played on the playground. But it's not paint)

I painted a mug. As usual, there are no good pics of me. But it wasn't for a lack of effort. ;) Margo and Kira took plenty. But my head is cut off, or the zoom is all the way on my cheek. You get the idea. And it's my blog, so I have final veto power on how much scariness I will subject you too. You are welcome!)

My mug was pretty.

I can't wait to see the colors after it's been fired, they are really bright. I'll post pics next week of our finished products.

Here is Evan and his Toad plate. :) This turned out really well, and for a kid that doesn't really care for crafty stuff, he did a really great job painting.

So that is that. We had a really good time. I'm over the heart attack I had when we paid. And I think that we will all enjoy our breakfast a little more once we get them back. :)


**MIGNONNE** said...

Ooh my kids have been dying to go there. It looks like you had a lot of fun. Your stuff looks so good. I am dying to see it after it's been fired. I can't wait!!!

Heidi said...

It is super pricey! Be prepared, ours cost $55! Yikes! But it was a really great time. Did you see Ev's glasses are on in the pics? :)

nana mac said...

looks like a LOT of fun!! I Loved the teapot the little girl did...and your sons toad plate was great!!

Wonderful Memories don't have a price tag........

Katie said...

I did that teapot too :)

It is lots of fun! I made Collin pick something besides a stupid statue as well. He made a light switch plate that matches his room. It turned out really neat and even has glow in the dark stars on it.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

That's SO FUNNY! I take my kids into those places saying things like, "No making anything we can't use!!!!! The toothbrush holder broke, so you can make one of those." That is a really neat design she did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

Great pics, Heidi!! What a fun place. I've been to something similar in CA, but have never been to one since moving to AZ. All three of your guys' items are awesome!! I can't wait to see how they turn out when the colors are super-vibrant!

Helena said...

I want to do that! (Well, maybe not the over-priced part.) I love your mug.